The Underbelly of the Hard Rock Genre

“Pushing the mind to the edge of a psychedelic movement


Rockulus Maximus lacked no limits to which the show would exploit the pandemonium of music. Different variations of turbulent ear-piercing songs would penetrate the minds of the listeners.


This is bad-to-the-bone hard rock, no emo-screamo, or happy joy joy, so you can take your little pansy flute and go home.” – Anonymous



Gary Clarke was the disc jockey behind Rockulus Maximus. He delivered the powerhouse of music to his listening audience with such frenzy that the whole process resembled the feeding of piranhas.


To have an understanding and appreciation for what Rockulus Maximus produced as content on the show, we shall dive into the “underbelly” of what hard rock is all about.


What is Hard Rock?

Being a subgenre of rock music, hard rock has a distinguishing emphasis placed on guitar riffs, and vocals that are forceful. The profound drums completed the sound.

Where did Hard Rock come from?

The explosion of rock music in the 60’s produced many subgenres of rock. The turmoil within our society was reflected in the music. Deeply rooted in R&B, hard rock assimilated the influences of pop music. Hard rock is not for the faint of heart.

What are a few of Hard Rock’s Subgenres?

Acid Rock Brit Rock Dark Cabaret Comedic Rock
Electronic Rock Funk Rock Gypsy Punk Rock Hard Rock
Indie Fusion Jersey Shore Krautrock Latin Rock
Metal Noise Rock Ostrock Punk
Queercore Rockabilly Shoegaze Tex-Mex

The Ever-Evolving Genre

Hard Rock and rock, in general, are evolving as another subgenre has surfaced and is known as “Hybrid Rock.” The addition of jazz, punk, and ska is blended with hard rock giving a melodic, upbeat tone which dances around the mind of the listener. This style of music is tough to explain; however, it is vibrant and fueled with energy.


Sample of Hybrid Rock:


As with any genre of music, hard rock will continue to sub-divide into even deeper subgenres with the creation of new sounds and styles. It is mind-blowing to contemplate what the future holds for not only what we listen to, but the how the delivery will change and how the mind will process the content.

Did you Know?? A Fun Fact About Hard Rock!

In 1972, three bands joined together for a concert at London’s Rainbow Theatre. This unification was famously referred to as “The Unholy Trinity of British Hard Rock and Heavy Metal.” The group was deemed as the “The World’s Loudest Band” by the 1975 Guinness Book of World Records.

What three bands was it?

  • Deep Purple
  • Led Zeppelin
  • Black Sabbath




“Keep on Rockin!” – Gary Clarke, Rockulus Maximus

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