The Man Behind the Show

“I’m nothing more than a rock fan.” – Gary Clarke

It all began back in the 80’s when Gary Clarke found himself under the charm of hard rock and reveled in the music collection his father owned. In this collection was artists such as AC/DC, Queen, Wasp, Whitesnake and The Scorpions. He leaned on music as comfort during a time when people in his life forsook him.


Gary never contemplated entering the music industry until he noticed an advertisement asking for volunteers to present a show on the local hospital radio forum. “Radio Remedy” was the in-house hospital radio. It provided a platform for budding beginners to try their hand at radio as well as perfect their craft. Colin Grant, a radio enthusiast with “Radio Remedy,” encouraged Gary to pursue radio. With time, Gary developed his style on the air, and with that, his career took off!


To further advance his skill in the radio industry, he attended several years of formal college training in Radio and Media. One of his proudest achievements during his educational studies was assembling and developing a talked-based radio presentation based on Depression.


Returning to his humble beginnings in Caithness U.K., he honed his skills in on a local community radio station. During his tenure at this station, he had the privilege of seeing the station become licensed allowing it to broadcast seven nights a week. He considered this experience as one of the most insightful and rewarding times of his radio career.


His interests began to take him in a different direction taking him away from the radio industry. However, several years later, the “prodigal son” of the local community radio returned where he was given carte-blanche on taking the radio show to an all new level.


In the remote Northern region of the U.K., sat this unpretentious radio station that was in dire need of revival. Gary took the Friday night slot and began to develop a very simple marketing campaign that included competitions, interviews with various guests and cornering exclusive spots with music artists. The fan-base grew exponentially as Gary fed the listeners the music they craved.


In the midst of juggling online content, he became a contributing writer for several publications.

  • Los Angeles based “Screamer Magazine”
  • London based “MetalTalk”
  • California based “Punk Globe”


Exclusive interviews with famous artists were conducted as Rockulus Maximus soared.

  • The Almighty
  • Thin Lizzy
  • Black Star Riders
  • Deep Purple
  • Judas Priest
  • …and more


Gary’s journalistic talent brought the world of rock into the small radio station and into the homes of many. He was a gem in the “most Northern part of the U.K.” Although he is no longer in the radio industry, his presence will live on with those who were dedicated listeners to his show.




The famous words as Gary ended each show…

“Keep Rockin!”

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