The Emergence of U.K.’s Infamous Rock Radio Show

Rockulus Maximus


The Most Northerly Music Show on the UK’s Mainland!”


Hosted by Raven Street Studios in the U.K., Rockulus Maximus was brought to life by a DJ who not only had drive and passion for rock music but had a vision for this show. Rockulus Maximus covered a broad spectrum of rock music ranging from softer rock to the hair-raising Metallica.


The show was approximately two hours in length and began by playing host to the more commercial elements and softer areas of the rock music Universe. From this starting point, the show gradually gets heavier until, by the time you’ve reached the grand finale, you were hammered by the heaviest and darkest, more aggressive beasts of the world of rock music!


There were features that were scattered throughout this audio extravaganza. Oddly, the featured phases consisted of highlighting artists and songs transitioning into a music frenzy ending in the darker side of music. Just a few groups that were featured were Deep Purple, Queen, Jethro Tull, Status Quo, Scorpions and more.


Rockulus Maximus aired on Friday nights, 10:00 pm-Midnight. The diversity of material was presented in such a way that not only made the show entertaining but was an anticipated event to listen to on a weekly basis.


The lineup of music was done in such a way that kept the listening audience engaged yearning for more. Interviews were conducted on-air with famous music artists such as Ozzy, Thin Lizzy, Imperia, Nazareth, and Wolfsbane just to name a few. This lent a more personal connection to the show and allowed the listeners a glimpse into the lives of their favorite artist.


As a result of popularity and expansion, Rockulus Maximus moved further into the journalistic approach to rock music with publications in Screamer Magazine. Eventually, the show became famous as the “webzine” of rock music.


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