“HEAD-BANGING” – Good or Bad?

Conservative society holds right to their opinion that hard rock is not only inappropriate but contributes to a negative correlation to the behavior of the listeners. Down through the ages, music has moved in waves of change adapting to the highs and lows of our culture. Music bends our creative mindfulness and has even been the “muse of noise” that helps one to attain a higher ground of consciousness.


Reports and Findings on the Effects of Hard Rock

The correlation between high noise levels and potential cochlear damage is well established as is the predictability of hearing loss with intensive exposure to certain kinds and intensity of noise.” 2’3’4’5 Within the past few years, music produced by “hard rock” groups was added to those signals thought to be damaging to hearing.6’7,89″10″11’2 One of the authors participated in an analysis of rock establishment sound pressure levels which proved that the levels encountered in typical live amplified rock and roll music concerts exceed those considered safe for prolonged exposure. Reported herein is an evaluation of the hearing of rock musicians, measurements of the efficacy of ear protection for such persons, and observations concerning the temporary threshold shifts (Trs) produced by this musical sound energy output. (RAYFORD C. REDDELL, PH.D., AND CHARLES P. LEBO, M.D., San Francisco)

Is Hard Rock Bad?

As noted in the above statements from Dr. Reddell, it seems evident that hard rock has adverse effects on our hearing. Understandably so with the loud vocals, drums, and guitar. That is pretty much a given. However, research done at the National Institute of Health discovered that hard rock contained some lyrics that are aggressive as they are screamed at the crowd. Heavy metal listeners were found to present with agitation and aggression.


Socially, listeners of hard rock have been documented with depression, drug use, anger, and suicide.

Hard Rock has Positive Effects

Research from Australia’s University of Queensland consequently found that hard rock induced positive effects such as calmness, giddiness, and inspiration. Additionally, music brings about a sense of relativity for those who have an interest in a particular music genre and brings about a sense of community.

Withhold Judgement

There will always be those “for,” and those “against” concerning the choices society makes. Perhaps it is wise to withhold judgment of others for we all have diverse choices of music. That is what makes this world a colorful place!



“All music genres are equal. They all have different energies and that’s what makes them different!” – DJsense3

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