How It All Began a blast from the past

His name was Gary, and he was the presenter of a Rock Show called “Rockulus Maximus”. It was the most Northerly Rock Show on the UK mainland and broadcasts on a local community radio station. This website was really an extension and a companion to the Rock Show which features sections incorporating questions and answers, music reviews, blogs and a continually growing list of playlists.
That’s told you what was going on currently, but how did it begin?
I’ve been a Rock music fan since the early 80s after discovering AC/DC and Queen in my Dad’s vinyl collection. Things took on an almost obsessive quality as I found myself buying cassettes (remember them?!) when I could afford them.

Radio was something that hadn’t entered my thought patterns until one day I noticed in the local paper, an advert asking for volunteers to present a show on hospital radio. This concept of radio was where the hospital had their own ‘in-house’ radio station, and it provides budding radio presenters with the chance to experiment and learn their craft.

Some of the best times of my life took place over those ten years where I presented different styles of the programme on “Radio Remedy”.

To further my own experiences and perceptions of radio presenting, I attended two colleges over a two-year duration studying Media and Radio. One of my personal achievements and highlights during my time learning and developing my radio interest came when I was producing and assembling a talk-based programme about depression.

After participating in various test broadcasts with the local community radio station I was involved in, I was thrilled to see the station get a license which enabled it to broadcast seven nights a week. After about a year or so, personality clashes became prominent and I decided to leave.

Fairly recently, the Fates had plans for me. I heard an advert on my Dad’s Saturday afternoon show. The advert was asking for interested parties to get in touch regarding presenting a Rock show. Lots of water had flowed under the bridge at this point and I made my interest known.

The station was very kind to take me back when they could have simply ignored me.

This return to local airwaves along with a fortunate appearance on the BBC where I was given the chance to talk briefly to Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, bring me to this point that you see before you.

The “Rockulus Maximus” experience has been a real revelation, and the people that I have been in touch with have been very positive.

Interviews with Ricky Warwick of Thin Lizzy, Helena Michaelsen of Imperia, Dan McCafferty of Nazareth, Jase Edwards of Wolfsbane and many others are all real highlights that spring to mind thus far. Other lovely contributions have come from Ben Christo of the band Night By Night, Aaron Stainthorpe of My Dying Bride, Ian Gillan of Deep Purple and Scott Holiday from Rival Sons amongst many, many others.
There are more chapters to be written, and I look forward to the journey ahead with your continued support.

Thanks for all the support we’ve had so far, and long may it continue. I couldn’t have done this show justice without your contributions.

Keep on Rockin’!!!