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The End of an Era…

Gary Clarke moves on to other endeavors!   Gary Clarke was Rockulus Maximus! He not only brought this show to life but maintained it as it grew. Little did he know that his local radio station would be the pinnacle of a significant shift in his career. My old man would travel far and wide […]

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“HEAD-BANGING” – Good or Bad?

Conservative society holds right to their opinion that hard rock is not only inappropriate but contributes to a negative correlation to the behavior of the listeners. Down through the ages, music has moved in waves of change adapting to the highs and lows of our culture. Music bends our creative mindfulness and has even been […]

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The Underbelly of the Hard Rock Genre

“Pushing the mind to the edge of a psychedelic movement”   Rockulus Maximus lacked no limits to which the show would exploit the pandemonium of music. Different variations of turbulent ear-piercing songs would penetrate the minds of the listeners.   “This is bad-to-the-bone hard rock, no emo-screamo, or happy joy joy, so you can take […]

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The Man Behind the Show

“I’m nothing more than a rock fan.” – Gary Clarke It all began back in the 80’s when Gary Clarke found himself under the charm of hard rock and reveled in the music collection his father owned. In this collection was artists such as AC/DC, Queen, Wasp, Whitesnake and The Scorpions. He leaned on music […]

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The Emergence of U.K.’s Infamous Rock Radio Show

Rockulus Maximus   “The Most Northerly Music Show on the UK’s Mainland!”   Hosted by Raven Street Studios in the U.K., Rockulus Maximus was brought to life by a DJ who not only had drive and passion for rock music but had a vision for this show. Rockulus Maximus covered a broad spectrum of rock […]

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